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Marketing on Platforms
by Kerry Flynn

In IPG Mediabrands Cafe last week, a table was lined with mini Greek yogurt doughnuts, raspberry almond pound cake bites, frozen yogurt fruit kebabs and other petite treats. The spread wasn’t the work of a passionate marketer or a bribe from a particular vendor. Rather, it was the introduction of Pinterest’s agency roadshow.

This hourlong event on June 5 was the Pinterest partnerships team’s most recent in-person visit to an agency to explain new product features and walk through insights it’s gained in the previous quarters. At Mediabrands, Pinterest announced it’s making its AudienceInsights Toolavailable to everyone later this month. The tool, previously in beta, will be available in Pinterest’s Ads Manager and can help strategists and buyers see what’s happening on Pinterest without having to make a phone call.

“Agencies and clients know we have unique insights, but they don’t have easy access to it,” said Yolanda Lam, Pinterest’s head of agency partnerships. “They need to call a salesperson to understand what is available. Now, you can go in there to pull those data sets.”

The tool is just the latest step in Pinterest’s effort to win more media dollars as it competes with the likes of Facebook (and Instagram), Google, Amazon, Twitter and Snapchat, all of which Pinterest’s head of market development Vikram Bhaskaran mentioned during his one-man-show presentation at Mediabrands. A tool doesn’t solve everything, of course. Pinterest still needs to remind buyers why they matter, and that’s where the roadshows come in. To Lam’s team, Pinterest’s unique value, in part, stems from its authentic and actionable data on its 200 million monthly active users, who make purchases based directly on what they do on Pinterest.

“This data is not abstract. It’s real data on people’s lives. This is the database on identity and intent,” Bhaskaran said toward the end of his presentation. “Amazon might know about intent, but they don’t know who you are.”

Yet the idea of “not exactly knowing who you are” also plagues Pinterest. It’s been difficult for users, buyers, investors and reporters to categorize it. Pinterest’s CEO Ben Silbermann said in 2015 that Pinterest is Brunello Cucinelli MoniliTrimmed Sleeveless Top Clearance Visit New nB8yiS6z
like Facebook or Instagram. A slide in Bhaskaran’s presentation described Facebook and Instagram as “I hosted a party,” Twitter and Snapchat as “I am currently hosting a party,” and Pinterest as “I am going to host a party.”

“When I land in any city, the first thing I see is everyone is on Instagram. God bless Instagram,” Bhaskaran said. “On Pinterest, what we see is you’re here to get a job done. You’re not just leaning back. Their whole lives are being planned on Pinterest. We almost started calling Pinterest a personal productivity tool.”

Pinterest users search for items, and the site doesn’t just provide a list of options like Google and Amazon do. Pinterest is visual, and users are actively subjective. That’s one reason why Badgley Mischka Brocade KneeLength Dress Footlocker Finishline Cheap Sale Finishline Huge Surprise PEYN8pw
— video ads. There’s daily user activity on Pinterest for an assortment of topics, such as cataloging movies to watch or puppies to pet, but Pinterest’s sales team emphasized potential ad buys timed with events like Valentine’s Day and Halloween. On Pinterest, holiday planning starts early. Bhaskaran presented a slide and offered pamphlets that described the event planning cycle.

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La religión Baha'i


Por Tal Davis

Nombre Oficial: Comunidad Baha'i Internacional

Nombre Oficial:

Fundadores: Mirza Siyyid Alí Muhammad, el "Bab" (1819-1850) Mirza Husayn-Alí, "Baha'u'llah" (1817-1892) Líderes Actuales: Las "Manos de la Causa de Dios" y nueve miembros de la Casa de la Justicia Universal elegidos cada cinco años en una convención internacional de delegados de más de 160 comunidades nacionales.

Fundadores: Líderes Actuales:

Oficinas Centrales Internacionales: Sede de la Casa de la Justicia Universal en el Monte Carmelo, Haifa, Israel ( )

Oficinas Centrales Internacionales:

Oficinas Centrales en Estados Unidos: Casa de Adoración Baha'i, 100 Linden Ave., Wilmette, IL 60091 ( )

Oficinas Centrales en Estados Unidos:

Oficinas Centrales en Canadá: Comunidad Baha'i de Canadá, 7200 Leslie Street, Thornhill, Ontario L3T 6L8 ( Mara Hoffman Jacquard Flounce Dress Cheapest For Sale huWRCnF

Oficinas Centrales en Canadá:

Seguidores: En el mundo: 6.5 millones en 235 países; 17,000 asambleas espirituales locales (Fuente: [citada el 29 de marzo de 2001])


En Estados Unidos: 300,000 en 1,200 asambleas espirituales locales (Fuente: [citada el 21 de marzo de 2001])

En Canadá: 25,000 en 337 asambleas espirituales locales (Fuente: externa [email protected] citada el 21 de marzo de 2001])

Introducción Según la página web oficial de la fe baha'i:


La fe baha'i es la más nueva de las religiones independientes del mundo. Su fundador, Baha'u'llah (1817-1892), es considerado por los baha'is como el más reciente de los mensajeros de Dios en una línea que se extiende hasta antes del tiempo registrado y que incluye a Abraham, Moisés, Buda, Zaratustra, Cristo y Mahoma.

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